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Will our children live in a worse environment than we do?

Will our children live in a worse environment than we do?

Lots of politicians, ecologists and scientists say that statement is true. In my opinion, they’re right: it could unfortunately come true.


Firstly, there will be some negative effects of climate change:  global warming will change natural passing of seasons, so there will be drastic and constant climate alterations. Besides, more and bigger climatic phenomena, such as storms or hurricanes, will happen. Then, droughts and floods will be common because of heat and deforestation. The worst consequences will be suffered in underdeveloped countries. Another big problem will be having enough water for everybody, even if our children and we live in a rich country.


Anyway, the statement won’t be completely true in some aspects: science is advancing at an incredible speed; so, in the future, there will be more ways to improve the state of the environment, although we hadn’t solved climate change yet. One example is the research to create GM (Genetically Modified) bacterial colonies capable of reducing CO2 concentration in our atmosphere.


 Lots of politicians and businessmen, or businesswomen, believe that climate change won’t be a serious problem for us. They also say that scientists and ecologists are making ‘a tempest in a teacup’…In any case, the conclusion is that we can have hope in the future; but if we want our children to inherit a good world, we must change lots of things in our production, distribution and sales system. We also have to start using en masse renewable energies.  


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