Spreading tentacles of English...once again! , by Alex Sospedra.

A safari which was more wild than expected.

A safari which was more wild than expected.

Adolescent elephants attack...Yes, they are all adolescents though it's not evident at first sight...


First Certificate exam exercise: Write a story that starts with this sentence: “It was a trip I’ll never forget”.

It was a trip I’ll never forget. Some friends and I decided to ho because of the adventure environment but it was more than that: thrillering races, some quiet, fantastic nights; other ones nerve-cracking and dangerous…We know we did the trip of our life.


My group of friends and I went to Kenia three years ago. We thought it would be better to make a middle-scheduled trip in order to have enough disorientation and panic during our stay to feel like nineteen-century European explorers. However, we got a lot more than that: the bus in which we were travelling through the savannah—in which we were the only costumers that day—broke down. While the bus driver was trying to fix it, a group of teenager elephants brought down the transport. The driver run away towards an unknown valley in the East; we run away towards the unknown mountains in the North. We had to stay there because we thought the extreme heat would kill us if we tried to return to the village from where we started our safari.


After lots of days and nights there, we had perfectly learnt to survive in the wild environment. But we had the strong hope of being rescued one day…About a month later, we all were unsuccessfully chasing a rabbit when the smell of oil was perceived by two of us. We decided to turn right the little forest there was and we just stared at what we had discovered: a full of cars petrol station. We didn’t know if starting crying or laughing. “So…I suppose that’s all”, one of us said.

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