Spreading tentacles of English...once again! , by Alex Sospedra.

My self-portrait


I am a 17-year-old student. I have green eyes and short hair. I am ash-blond, short-sighted—I wear contact lenses—and fair-skinned, though I tan easily in summer. I am also long-legged, in comparison with the rest of my body. I am not tall, and short neither am I.


I am not strong, because I have never been mad about going to gym or doing sports; anyway, I am very keen on cycling, so I often go to the old riverbed of the Turia to ride my bike. Other of my hobbies are playing computer games—as city-builders or conquering games—and reading. I especially like historical novels but I am also fancy about science fiction ones.


In my opinion, I am good-natured and kind, though I am sometimes impatient. For example, I get fairly nervous when I have to wait for my computer to work; on the other hand, this is a very common situation in which most people acts like me…! I am often introverted. In contrast, I have always tried not to be like this.


Finally, I am not narrow-minded, and this is one aspect of my personality I really like. In fact, I hate people who doesn’t take into account that being open-minded is so important for social, civilized human life: undoubtedly, if we all were like that the most of time, societies would progress more peacefully than now…

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