Spreading tentacles of English...once again! , by Alex Sospedra.

INTRODUCING EACH OTHER…in a students' party! By Iván Argente, Jaime Sobrino and Alejandro Sospedra.

INTRODUCING EACH OTHER…in a students' party!  By Iván Argente, Jaime Sobrino and Alejandro Sospedra.


The 15th day of last October everyone in the English lesson became unknown for everybody--Well, not really. It was just a speaking activity...--. Then, we had to learn things about other people to be able to work as a group!

Yes, no one had ever seen anyone of that class. What should we do? Firstly, start talking to other people profanely— I mean, without spirituous drinks—. What did we really do? We had a party.

Of course, we couldn’t escape from school. Then, we imagined we were having a party:


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ALEX: Hello everybody! What are your names?Risa

JAIME: Hi, I am James Nephew.

IVÁN: Hey, my name is Silver, Ivan Silver. What is your name? (to Alex)

ALEX: Alex. I am sixteen. Are you sixteen too?

(JAIME and IVAN at the same time): Yes!Risa

I: Where do you live, Alex?

A: Here, in Valencia, in front of the Turia.

I: And you, James?

J: I live in Valencia too, down the ‘Pont de fusta’.

A: Wow, what an interesting place to live!

J: Yes, but I am living there temporarily: my family and I are moving to another house.

I: I do not sorry for you then. Your story is not as interesting as I though.

J: Maybe…Triste

I: Well, I live with my mother and my little sister.

A: Ah, I am only child. What about you? (to Jaime)

J: I do not. I have got a 21-year-old sister.

I: Oh, and I go to Comenius School. Where are you studying?

J: I am studying in Komensky School.

A: I go to Komenius Jean School. I am studying Biology, Chemistry and Physics, but till now I have not decided what to do in the future.

J: So do I.

I: Wow, what a scientist group. I am not like that: I am fancy about History, Geography and Latin.

J: Boring.

I: Why boring?

A: I agree with Nephew. It is a bit boring. But I respect that…

I: Thank you!Guiño

A: No, I was going to say that I respect that you like learning boring things.

I: But…Those subjects are not boring for me!Llora

J: Leave him, Alex. There's no point in explaining.

I: What!?Sorprendido

A: Yeah, that is true.

I: I was going to invite you to dinner in a fantastic restaurant I know to keep on talking like new friends, but this is enough!Enfadado

J: «Stuff, stuff, stuff…Frozen hearts, psychopaths, psychopaths…In the friiidge I haave…my bra-a-a-a-ai-aiiin…tururuuu…» Yeah.  

(IVAN and ALEX are staring at him, surprised by the situation)

A: Excuse me, but I am a bit surprised by the situation… (I told you they were!)

 I: I am not surprised by this: I am shocked by this! Did you hear the lyrics!!??

A: I’d prefer not to have heard them…Could I join in your fantastic plan now? I’m fairly afraid of him…

(J: «Climb, crawl, jump oover…throw, run, keep-it-opeen»…)

I: Oh, no! You lost your opportunity, man!

A: My name is Alex!

I: The point is that I was not sorry for him before; consequently, I am not going to be sorry for you either!

A: But, please…Triste

J: «Furious with the world, pum-pum, tired of wa-a-ays…PUM-PUM».

(Both ALEX and IVAN open even more their eyes and, suddenly, run away from the party. JAMES stays up there.)

J: «Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for your attention, and for coming to another class of ‘Short course about how to frighten away annoying people in a party’»…Hah, hah…I am good, veery, very good…Yeah.Todo bien

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