Spreading tentacles of English...once again! , by Alex Sospedra.



(The new vocabulary is in bold.)

Our main character is now in a lecture at his university. He is thinking about his last relationship with a beautiful girl from his class: how he met her at that strange party, how he started chatting her up; and, finally, how they rowed so horribly that they grew apart and decided to settle down…later, surely with another person.

            Meanwhile, the lesson was going on without novelty. “This is a big pain”, the student said without knowing that sentence had been repeated in that classroom for hundreds of years. The speech of the professor seemed to be testing them and the consequence was that the boy and his classmates were coming to the end of theirs endurance. He was feeling that a crevasse was being opened in his inner ear by the words of Him, I mean, the tough inquisitor on that grey and brown, checked pullover. Our student desperately desired him to be able to set off that warm, bad-illuminated hell, which was nothing more than a ballroom of long, boring sentences and passive looks.

            He couldn’t face up to it any longer. Of course, there’s no need to point out that he had already used up his mental energy. He just wanted to set off and go to the bedroom in his college and sleep.

            He desired to rob something (shoplifting wasn’t enough; that was just for superstars and childish teenagers). He wanted to mug, to vandalize…He needed action, movement, life!! But he could see no more than dribbling mouths, papers and heads; he could hear no more than yawns, student dripping slobber and that unbearable snuffling of the boy who was sitting down behind him.

He was also feeling how his brain was becoming more and more slippery. There had been a long time since he had got used to daily go without activities he liked to do—night was his only refuge—, but he felt he couldn’t stand it anymore. Then, he didn’t want action: he just wanted peace, the latest and longest peace: he wanted to die!!

Suddenly, the bell rang. It was the end of the lecture. Students slowly stood up and dragged their chairs. It was three o’clock in the afternoon. “Well—the student said—, another day is over”. The teacher called him. When he got to his table, he started telling him something like “…more responsible. If all of you did always listen to my lectures, I wouldn’t have to repeat things so many times and we would have more time to do interesting activities…”. “This old man has a stressful voice. Let’s go”, he thought.

The following day would be another story. He was sure that life was keeping the best things for the end.


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