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Letter to a newspaper...

Letter to a newspaper...

Dear Mr Director,

I’m a faithful reader of your newspaper. I always enjoy your accurate articles and your also rigorous investigations. Contrary to what other newspapers include in their filthy pages (with its pieces of news full of aberrant subjectivity), your paper is different, innovative, responsible with the important role that journalism and media have in the contemporaneous society and well written. In fact, in my opinion your paragraphs are the only ones which have the enough decency to have commas, semicolons, full stops and so on. Besides, you’re not either sensationalist or narrow-minded: you are neither accidents-loving—as some papers and television news bulletins often seem to be—, nor too much brief when you talk about an interesting, significant piece of news.


To sum up, I sincerely congratulate you for the great work you do with your newspaper. I hope you carry on publishing as you’ve always published: being loyal to your readers and to the reality of the news.


Yours faithfully,

Mr. Smith Smoothie Smoothen.

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